How To Use Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note3

Premium Design

Unique design improvements that deliver a premium look and feel. A softly griped leather-like cover with delicate stitching on the back side of the phone lets you not worry about scratches or cracks.

For More information on SIM and SD Card details: Insert SIM Card, Insert memory card, Insert battery, improve battery life, Setup, Backup and Reset.

Air Command

Paint your life a new from a palette of 5 useful S Pen features. With the S Pen settings, life has just gotten easier Pen up Hover the S Pen over the screen and simply click the pen button to instantly access 5 useful S Pen features:

Action Memo: Activate your memos instantly

Scrapbook: Organise important pieces of your life

S Finder: Search from your entire phone to the web

Pen Window: Draw to perform another simple task

Screen Write: Enjoy annotating on captured images

Action Memo Scrapbook

Organise important pieces of your life anytime, anywhere.

Don’t stress anymore about organising the information and contents stored in your phone. GALAXY Note 3 allows you to easily track down and categorize images, maps, world clock, stop watch, video player and other contents by tapping the ‘Scrapbooker’ button in Air Command. Just circle the information or image that you want to save and move it into Scrapbook. It’s never been easier to categorize and design your own personalised Scrapbook. With the S Translator you can easily translate words and phrases into many different languages. S Health is a wellness application that allows you to better manage your health by providing you with relevant information.

Action Memo – S Finder

Search with options detailed enough to locate anything in your phone or the web.

Contents cannot be lost in GALAXY Note 3. Forget SIM PIN Password, change password, set pin and password. With S Finder, you can search your entire phone from hand-written memos to the web. Simply click the pen to access S Finder and then search by keywords and/or apply date, location services or content filters from one starting point to find related images, videos camera, photos, music, Music player, personal notes, documents, events or chats, contacts, calls, even Help advice. address book, my files and sync accounts.

It’s easy with automatically saved dates and enabled location tags in the Camera, S Note, Scrapbook, Screenshot, S Voice, Voice recorder, Voice search,

new S Note

Compose and manage your thoughts more easily and quickly. Enjoy note taking now more than ever. The new S Note lets you quickly scribble notes on extensive canvases, browse through them effortlessly and edit them beautifully without having to rewrite or redraw anything. The new S Note can also be synced with Evernote or a Samsung account to enable viewing from your PC or tablets. S Beam to share pictures.

The Easy Chart function also transforms scribbled charts into professional-looking graphs instantly. Yes, this is now possible with the new S Note.

new Easy Clip

Neatly crop out images automatically Neatly cropped images are no longer limited to professional tools. Select the area to be cropped, and the new Easy Clip will remove the background instantly for a professional look. Enhance the boundaries of your creativity with the new Easy Clip. Use YPMobile on your samsung. When Blocking mode is enabled, notification for selected features will be disabled. Use tty mode also.Wi-Fi Direct allows device-to-device connections so you can transfer large amounts of data over a Wi-Fi connection.The in cognito feature allows you to view Internet sites outside of the normal browsing . Wi-Fi advanced settings (either mobile network or Wi-Fi connection) Before beginning your initial WatchON application setup, confirm your TV is turned off. Then The Bluetooth settings menu allows you to set up many of the characteristics of your device’s Bluetooth service.

Direct Pen Input

Write with the S Pen instead of typing. The GALAXY Note 3 recognises both your handwriting and typing. The advanced handwriting recognition technology can accurately read most writing styles and be transcribed into a message, planner, alarm or phone function. This feature allows you to experience greater versatility and flexibility. use hand free mode

Keyboard Settings

For Enter text, enter text using google voice typing, enter text using handwriting, enter text using swype, and prredictive text.

Multi Window

Multitask freely, smartly, effortlessly Now, Multi Window means more than just opening and viewing two different applications samsung app at the same time on your screen. Run multiple application on same screeen. By using the ‘Drag & Drop’ mode in new Multi Window, you can easily drag and drop words or captured images from one window to the other in an instant for enhanced productivity across different applications. Also, use Reposition multi window and multi window settings you can now open the same application in two windows at the same time: read the news in one browser while searching in another, view two Youtube videos or chat with two different people on ChatON, etc. The GALAXY Note 3 allows you to take multitasking to the next level. Select the location where you would like to change the wallpaper. Tap Home screen, Lock screen, or Home, Widgets, Shortcuts and lock screens.

Pen Window

Allows you to quickly perform another simple task

Open a window as small or as large as you want, wherever you want on the screen. The GALAXY Note 3 allows you to multitask via new windows without interrupting your work on the main screen. For example, while preparing a presentation, create a smaller window to access a calculator for some quick math. Polaris office Working from different windows simultaneously has never been easier.

14.4cms Full HD SCREEN

Make daily viewing a delightful routine. GALAXY Note 3 with 14.4cms FHD screen

This bigger display enables efficient multitasking and a maximum viewing experience. Explore where this large screen can take you

My Magazine

Make daily viewing a delightful routine. The Software-Update feature enables you to use your phone to connect to the network and upload any new phone software directly to your phone. The phone automatically updates with the latest available software. Personalise viewing with magazine-like layouts. The GALAXY Note 3 lets you own a large-screen, magazine-type interface. Enjoy news, social media and more in one place with curated content in a modern and dynamic presentation. Social networks like Play magazines, Play books, Google chrome, Gmail, Hangouts, Bookmarks, Google +, group play, Email account. Enjoy My Magazine and don’t miss out on anything important to you.

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