Jailbreak iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; watch out for Scams from YouTube Videos

There’s been a spate of scams encompassing the iOS eight flight. Neither evad3rs or Pangu–the 2 most well-liked jailbreaking teams–have free updates.

On YouTube, many folks have uploaded how-to videos on jailbreaking with Pangu, however iOS eight users ought to be cautious of any links shared. One YouTube video imagined to show a user jailbreaking his iPhone, however on nearer examination, the user gave the impression to have switched his iOS eight phone to Associate in Nursing iOS seven phone to indicate that it absolutely was “jailbroken.” The user additionally directed users to what seems to be a scam web site} designed to seem like Pangu’s site.

If you see any flight software package from websites apart from Evasi0n or Pangu, there’s an opportunity it would be a scam.

Regarding iOS 8’s flight, hacker MuscleNerd wrote last week: “To 2014’s new jailbreakers: if you update to today’s iOS eight.0, you’ll lose your JB and won’t be able to return to seven.x. watch out … (For completeness: the sole cluster of users able to downgrade from eight.0 are old-school iPad2 users with four.x or 5.x blobs, mistreatment redsn0w),” he said.

But he same that “there can continually be a lot of holes.”

According to iJailbreak, Pangu gave an officer update concerning its progress many days past, saying: “[Reminder] simply one day before iOS eight official unharness, guess that devices except iPhone four can’t be restored  with seven.1.2 firmware. If you wish to flight please grab the last moment. For iOS 8, we tend to square measure already on the way…”

“After MuscleNerd’s recent statement that Associate in Nursing iOS eight flight remains potential, the Pangu Team has currently confirmed that they’re so functioning on one. If you keep in mind, the Pangu Team was the primary to unharness a public tool that created iOS seven.1.x flight potential. currently that iOS eight is here and there’s no thanks to downgrade to iOS seven.1.2, folks square measure attending to be waiting on Associate in Nursing iOS eight flight,” the positioning says.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus already faces bendgate problems as well.


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